Sunday, November 23, 2008

X-mas List

So for convienience I am going to post my Christmas list for my family to look at, and any other friends that may be compeled to buy me something too.

Michael Buble (Call Me Responsible)
Chantal Kreviazuk (What If It All Means Something)
Julie Moffit (The Stolen)
Jason Maraz (We Sing, We Dance....)

Any new Chick Flicks
Any season of Mad About You

Scrapbooking paper, letters, stickers, etc.
Gift card to Joanns

Big Items
Electric Hand Held Power Sander
Running Shoes Asics size 8 1/2 (GEL-Kinsei® or GEL-Kinetic™)(little to no pronation)
Long Wool Pea Coat (this is an example Mom so you know what I am talking about)
And if Santa thinks that I have been a super good girl this year a Digital SLR is always on the list.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dancing Queen?

So Brad asked me the other day why in the world we had ABBA playing on our blog. For those of you who don't know that I play the lookalike for Agnetha Fältskog, most notable for being a member of the popular Swedish pop group ABBA. It is probably from eating too much Swedish Fish or my love for IKEA that makes me look so much like her.
Okay, so it might just be the Scandinavian heritage and the blond hair that we match on, but still close enough to play their song right?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Got Postcards?

So I got sent this traveling notebook from Brody the other day. It is apart of a 5th grade project that started in Alaska. I guess this is to help their geography becasue in the notebook you are supposed to write about yourself and where you live, then send the notebook on to someone else. You are also supposed to send a postcard back to the class so that they know where their notebook has traveled. So I when I was running errands today I was looking for a post card. I looked at the gas station, the grocery store, Fed Ex, and even Walgreens. I found out they used to have them at Walgreens two years ago. I did have some help though of places to look for postcars, like "try the library", or "they should have some at the post office you would think", or even "I would go to a museum". So I have determined that my friend Meghan was right when she siad that Wisconsin does not exist. Maybe Wisconsin just doesn't have that many tourist that stop by and need a postie. I do have a source that tells me that they have them at the mall, who would have though? I will have to make a trip to the mall to get a postcard and hope I don't spend money on clothes instead.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leaves Follow Up

So I had to make a follow up post to the earlier post about leaving the leaves in the gutter. Brad was talking to our neighbor as he was raking the leaves, yes I did just rake but you have to do it like everyday there are that many leaves here. So our neighbor gave us the warning not to park over the piles of dry leaves because every year at least two or three cars will explode that way. Yeah I said explode, now that is serious stuff. I can see that it makes sense that the leaves catch on fire under you car and then, poof your car is gone with you in it. I am glad that we had the warning though because with all the piles of leaves in the gutter and the already lack of parking spaces I may have been tempted to drive over the piles and park there. So I am also warning all those that live here too, don't park on the dry leave piles.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Election Buzz

So living in a state outside of Utah for this Presidential Election has gotten to be pretty exciting. We are planning on voting tomorrow and are really excited about it becasue we feel like our votes matter. Last Presidential elecation we were in Utah and as I felt as most people do like my vote didn't matter since practically everyone votes the same there. Last Presidential election the totals for Wisconsin tally up at 1,489,504 votes for Kerry and 1,487,120 for Bush. So as you can see this state is on the line for electoral votes. It has been pretty interesting to see all the Obama and McCain signs in the area; even to see one house with a Obama sign while their neighbor has a McCain sign. This picture below is my favorite. With the downstairs Obama and the upstairs McCain. I don't care what the polls say, I think it is going to be a tight election and I'm excited to vote tomorrow.