Thursday, April 15, 2010

SPRING is here!

I have been working lots lately, so I didn't even notice that spring came until today. The barren trees are starting to green and even better flower. We have this cute little tree in our front yard with beautiful purple flowers on it. I got home today and decided I needed to take some pictures of them because their color is just gorgeous. Our neighbor also has a tree with a million little white flowers on it, beautiful, but that is also where our ginormous ant friends live before they decide to invade our house.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For those of you who do follow our blog (I as assume some people do because we do get wonderful comments from them) you might have wondered what has happen to us. Well I am glad to announce that I have switched jobs to one that has me busy again and I find myself with no time to spend in the blogging world as of lately. I am now an employee of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation working on the High Speed Passenger Rail to go from Milwaukee to Madison planned to be up and running at 79mph by 2013 and at 110 mph by 2016. This may seem like a long time from now, but the design will be finished by this time next year, construction starts in October and we have absolutely nothing done at this point in time (plus no one has ever done such a large rail project in the states history). So needless to say I will be pretty busy in the months to come, but I am pretty excited to be apart of this project. As Brad knows I love alternate modes of transportation. Also I am back to the cubical world and have already come home with stories of random conversations I hear from my cube. In the meantime I have made it through another birthday without trick candles (you would be surprised at how few that is been in my life) but somehow ended up with four different cakes in our house (I have been trying to lay off the sweets but this was just too tempting especially since three of them were chocolate).

We also found time to dye Easter eggs before Easter was over.

We didn't have any red dye but came out with some pretty shades of greens