Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Go Brad Go

So I know I am copying my law school friends with this post, but now it is finals time for the med school.  Brad has worked so hard this whole year and I am really proud of him.  Now all he has is two more weeks and four finals to make it through.  Good Luck. Brad 

(Brad does not usually look this happy when he is studying, but he does have that many books on the table)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kansas City

So I went for a super quick road trip down to Kansas City this last weekend, about a 9 hour trip from here. Sadly I had to do it alone because Brad was in bad need of study time, but it was worth it to be able to see my parents and brother again. We helped Brody get situated into his new place, KC's newest bachelor pad. Luckily we had some time on Saturday to check out KC downtown. We went to the Hallmark Headquarters where we checked out a crayola store, the hallmark visitors center, and a cinco de mayo festival happening outside the square. We also made a stop at Liberty Jail. And most of all I got my fill of Kansas City Bar-B-Q. It was a quick, but needed weekend and nice to see family again.
This is the view from my car window

Pretty much this is what the view looked like the entire drive down.

Here is our Mother's Day gift.

My mom and me in front of the Hallmark headquarters

The color wheel is made out of crayons

More crayons

And more crayons

Mom found the Christmas ornaments

Brody checking out the Hallmark history

Kansas City downtown

Liberty Jail

Brody at Liberty Jail

The outside of the Jail

And some good old Bar-B-Q KC style

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Visit from the Masta'

This weekend we had my old roommate, Katie, for the weekend. It was so good to see her again and remiss on good old times. She was so sweet to even bring us gifts from from her employer, good old General Mills. She never ceases to amaze me with her dedication to all the things in her life, from work to church to keeping up with old friends. Seeing her definately reminded me of all the things I have learned from her over the years. The weekend was beautiful here and good to be able to spend some time outdoors. We did a little canoeing with our friends the Ostlers, hit the domes, and played blockus with the girls. It was a good weekend for us, and we are hopeing to get back to the Twin Cities soon now to return the visit. I took tons of flower pics at the domes, if you haven't been you should go at least once I think, especially if you can hit the free milwaukee residents day.

Katies first fishing experience

The boys head off to fish

After paddling upstream we took it easy and let the current take us back

Here is a plant from the arid dome

Brad plays hide and seek with the palm leaf

Flowers in the show dome

Katie and I in the tropical dome