Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bountiful Harvest!

It's getting closer and closer to being fall and that means its time to harvest the garden! We have done minor harvesting already but more and more things are getting ready so we did a little bit bigger harvest this afternoon. We grew lots of different kinds of tomatoes (cherry, grape, big boy, and beefsteak-the bigger variety are still mostly green), peppers, and cucumbers.

We also grew a bunch of herbs and spices in our pots. We grew basil, chocolate mint, parsley, and chives (in the first pot) as well as oregano, sage, and lemon balm (the other pot). They make a pretty good meat loaf!
It took us a lot of work to get the garden in. The original garden area was full of weeds and on a slope so it took a whole day working in the heat to level it out and get the ground all ready with the weeds pulled. Then we built a little retaining wall out of bricks that we found on the side of the house. We also found these little white fences in the garage and put those up around it. But this delicious home grown salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, and lemon balm from our garden was well worth it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hiking again

So on Saturday morning I knew Brad was going to be in study mode again so I decided to go on a run/hike (inspired by my friends blog post). I really enjoyed getting outside again. I will have to admit that I probably hiked more than ran, but I liked saying I was hiking and not walking, he he. And I loved this flower pic.

Friday, September 11, 2009

More Body Than Any Body Can Take

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to take a road trip up to the Twin Cities. The theme of the day was “More Bodies than you could ever want to see in one day Saturday” which included a performance from some local body builder, the Body World exhibit, and watching with a million other bodies the BYU game. It really was the most body that I had ever seen all jam packed into one day! The body builder’s performance was needless to say “interesting.” But what can I say they did have more muscles than I knew possible. The performance was at the Minnesota Sculpture Gardens so we also got to check those out and coolest we got to see the spoon and the cherry, I was not disappointed. After that we headed over to the Mall of America, this I do have to say really is just one big mall with the crowds to match, but that is where the body exhibit was so we cruised through. Brad was our wonderful tour guide through the inside of the body (combination of Brad’s love for being a tour guide and extensive knowledge about the body was to our benefit). And then ending the day with such wonderful displays of athleticism from the BYU football team made it all the better. Thanks Team!

Here we are holding up the cherry

Here are some back muscle poses

We are tying to show off our muscles for Ponce

Here are our super hero muscles too

And more bodies (no pics inside sorry)

14-13. Go Cougs!