Saturday, June 30, 2012

Apricot Jam

 So our new neighbor offered us some apricots from his apricot tree, when he brought them by he brought us a whole bag full of apricots.  As I was looking up recipes with apricots I decided that I would do my first try at canning (meaning first try ever).  I have always heard that jams where easy, and lets face it with Brad now started and no neighbors to socialize with all day I have lots of free time during Charly's nap.  So I went ahead and took the plunge. 
Here are the apricots that I started out with
Here they are after soaking in sugar for 2 hours as I start to cook them
And here they are in the jars that luckily sealed (I was afraid they wouldn't for a while)
And here is Charly's approval

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hiking New Mexico

 Even though I am 8 months pregnant and Charly is 17 months we have been trying to get in as much hiking as we can here before Charly is too big for the backpack and we also have a newborn.  We found out that you can get to the trails on the Sandia Mountains (just to the east of Albuquerque) in 20-30 minuets from our house.  We also found a beautiful green getaway spot hiding in the middle of the dessert that is about a 2 hour drive (but definitely worth it). We definitely have been missing this kind of hiking!
This hike started out pretty steep, but luckily there were some trees to shade the trail.
Charly taking a break.
With all the work Brad was doing Charly decided to take a nap.
Yes we did see a lot of cactus.
This is awesome!
Charly feel asleep again...
We hiked to these hot springs that were really pretty, we stuck our feet in and had tons of little minnows swimming around our toes, next time though we need to bring our swimsuits.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I hate BUGS

I can't decide which I hate more...the Milwaukee Centipede or the Albuquerque Cockroach.  The centipedes may have more legs but I have seen more cockroaches around here already.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sand Dunes

If anyone has ever visited the Sand Dunes in Colorado they would know they are pretty much the biggest and best sand dunes on earth, really are you questioning me or have you been there?  Well, when we were staying at his parents while we were homeless for a while we decided to take a trip down to the dunes.  Yep, they are just as cool as I remembered them and there are still lots of Asian tourists there.  We hiked to the top of one of the peaks (not the highest but hey remember 7 months pregnant here).  Most of all Charly's favorite part was playing in the little river.  We remembered Brad has this picture of when he was little at the dunes playing in the water and we tried to recreate it with Charly.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

MCW Graduation

 We were so grateful to have both our parents come out to celebrate Brad's graduation with us.  It is crazy to think that we spent 4 years in Wisconsin and are moving on.  Here are some of the graduation pics in front of the med school.

Got two more letters in my name

So now I have two more letters in my name. Kjirstin Roberts, PE