Monday, February 22, 2010

Madison Winter Festival

This last weekend my friend Necia and I went to the Madison Winter Festival. They brought in truckloads of snow and made a cross country ski course around the capital building. When we were there we watched some cross country ski races. One was pretty big because people had come from Canada and across the country for this race. They also had an area open to the public and areas for little kids. Also set up were some rails which people were also competing on we watch some little kids snowboard on the rails and some teenagers ski on the rails. Also open was the Wisconsin History Museum which we took some time to learn about the early Wisconsin settlers. It is a pretty good little museum right there by the capitol if people are ever in Madison looking for something to do.

Here are the x-country racers

Here you can see the street covered in snow, they had is from 6-12 inches thick.

There is more than just dairy in Wisconsin's history but I thought these milk glasses were pretty cool looking.

Here is the rail competition.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flight of the Umbilical Chords

So the medical school here has a talent show every year called the Variety Fest. This year Brad got together with our friend Jordan and put together a song parody of the Flight of the Conchords. They decided they wanted to do something that no one would expect from them, so they decided to rap. I don't want to say they put it together last second, because they did practice (I even got several days of Brad performing while he showered), but it changed up to the last second, even the one on stage was different (and one fumble on words). The song is even funnier if you understand the medical lingo in it, I had Brad explain most of it to me. There are a couple parts where they say to be more professional, that is because they are always telling the students that they have to learn to be professional before they are doctors. And the wine and cheese party is a real thing they do here with the dean. If you need more of the medical terminology explained you will have to talk to Brad.