Friday, July 22, 2011

Taking the Plunge

So I was having lunch with some of my old coworkers today, first to finally show then Charly and second to get my recommendation letter signed. I needed 5 recommendations from Professional Engineers to be able to apply to take the Professional Engineer Exam. I was telling them that I was planning on taking it in April when they proceeded to encourage me to take it in October. "Just take it once to get an idea of how it is, if you pass it great if not no one cares" and on and on in that manner. Well I don't know how they convinced me with that jargon, but they did. This afternoon I signed up to take the 8 hour engineering test on October 28th. If I don't pass it was a $287 mistake (but Brad told me not to worry about the money since his next test costs over $1,000). Talking about taking a plunge, it has been so hot here that I decided one afternoon to fill up the baby pool so that Charly could cool off, she was too cute. It was a little cold for her you can see from her face, but it worked to get her out of the house.