Monday, May 23, 2011

I want some more!

Charly is loving the solid food, she has eaten everything we have given her so far. Some come with the what is this that you are putting in my mouth face, but she eats it all. She even asks for more by licking it off her bib. This is pureed chicken noodle, yummy...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Midwest Tulips

After going to the Tulip Festival in Utah I have noticed that the tulips out here in the Midwest (or at least in Wisconsin) are huge! They seriously are bigger than my hand. I love how everyone has them planted in their yards too, we love to walk around with Charly and look at the flowers so beautifully blooming this time of year.
We finally went to the Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee, they were pretty but if your looking to go down there I would wait until the summer because all the roses and other flowering plants are still yet come out.

Okay so Brad's hand is bigger than mine, but almost as big as Brad's hand.

Brad was lost in a sea of ginormous leaves...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Charly's Laugh

Charly has started to have some laughs and we love it. I am kind of embarrassed to post mine, but Charly is so cute I had to post it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Best Of...

I am so upset at blogger for loosing the post I was working on, all you get now are the best of pictures from the last two months...

Here's Charly meeting her Great Grandma Sheard.

Yeah for Jenny's Graduation (and yeah for us going back to Provo, we spent not enough time and too much money in the BYU bookstore)

We will have to take this picture again after we convince Charly she wants to go to BYU...

The best family pic yet taken at the Tulip Festival

Three Generation Photo with the Roberts/Fowers

Brody using Charly as a football in Packer's stadium

We finally got some real Chicago hot dogs at Hot Dougs

Quick stop at Wrigley Field. I bought an ice creme cone at the McDonald's parking lot we stopped in because I felt bad for parking there to take the picture.

Having fun at the Bean again.

Charly hangin out with Uncle Brody

Having fun in Madison, you gotta admit these are some sweet jump pictures

And Charly is now eating solids, stinky diapers here we come...