Monday, August 24, 2009

Three of Three

So our last trip of the summer was to Washington DC, we saw family, more family, and old roommates (yes there were lots of reasons to go besides that we just wanted to see DC). We stayed with my Aunt, toured with Brad's family and I extended my stay to chill with my roommate Camille. DC was almost the complete opposite feel from our west coast adventure, defiantly a more conservative feel. We rented bikes the first day to see all the monuments at the Mall the first day (good idea because it was super hot and humid that day, riding the bikes helped give us a breeze). We also spent time in some Smithsonian museums, the White House, the Capital, Mt. Vernon, and the Pentagon. Brad always loves museums, but he was even more excited because he just finished reading 1776 and was all into learning all he could about George Washington now. I loved the patriotic feel that you get just from being in the city, it is just in the air there. And we will definitely have to go back some day because there is so much to see that you can't do it all in just 3 days.

Here we are ready to go on our bikes
We found Colorado at the WWII memorial
Classic tracing the name at the Vietnam memorial
Standing in front of the wall of names
Pointing to the tip of the Washington memorial (really it is much bigger than it seems here)
One picture, Two Abes
Brad is reading outside the library of Congress
There was also lots of security checks to go through all day long
Here I am outside our nations capitol (congress was out of session so there was like no one there)
Wow we found Brigham Young at the Capitol
Also found Lady Liberty (who is much taller)
We tried to find Pres Obama, but he wasn't home
Brad found lots that peaked his interest in the American History Library
Brad is ready to fight with the troops
We also spent some time with our childhood friend Kermit
Brad with the eternal flame that is still on in the rain (it may not look like it but it was raining) that is lit over JFKs grave
We also went to Washington's home (he was also not there)
But a statue of him was
Iwo Jima was much bigger than I thought it would be
The FDR memorial was full of water fountains and statues depicting quotes from his life
Thanks for following us around DC and actually making it through all those pictures.

Locks for Love

I did it again, third time donating my hair to Locks of Love. The first time doing my hair after my haircut (awesome job by Sarah) I realized that it really is the shortest it has ever been. But I was encouraged by the response from Brad, who before the cut was sceptical about me going short.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

San Fran

Brad got 4 weeks off this summer from school and research so we are using this time to fit in 3 fabulous trips. Trip one Brad already took a week to visit Colorado and do a sweet backpacking trip with his old roommate, he still has to post that one since I wasn’t there. Trip two, San Francisco. I would name this itinerary ‘tourist and beyond.’ We took transit everywhere, well besides the taxi Brad and I had to get from the airport in the middle of the night. We saw the Golden Gate, the Warf, Pier 39, Ghirardelli square (and got three pieces of free sample chocolates), rode the cable car, and did all the typical tourist in San Fran things to do. But in addition we had food culture day: Japantown we had a Japanese bakery treat made with some sort of ground up rice, The Mission we ate at a taqueria, Chinatown we had an eggy custard cup, in Little Italy we had gelato, and even the hippie district (Haight/Ashbury) we had wonderful crepes. We also visited my work and got to see the traffic wall up in action. We visited the Golden Gate park and tried to get in a beach day, but as warned the nor cal beaches just aren’t as warm as so cal. Even though we didn’t end up changing into our swimmies we still made sure our feet got wet. There were two things that I failed at for the trip, first our hotel was in a pretty bad area of town so we got to enjoy hearing the shady characters outside our hotel all night, and two I didn’t get Alcatraz tickets in time. So next time you plan a trip to SF make sure you get your Alcatraz tickets before hand because they do sell out. So instead of going to Alcatraz we took a sail boat tour which went by it and under the Golden Gate Bridge too. All in all it was nice to see our friends again and show them the real Sco.

Above is a pic of the device that changes the lights for the fire trucks (this is what I worked on when I was there and so I got to see them actually constructed)
Here we are at the Full House Park and also a sweet view of the city
Shad and Brad on the Cable Car

Here we are chowing down on our burritos
Here is the Chinese Custard Tart
The corner of Haight and Ashbury
Brad found a new hat at the park
And of course Lombard Street (no car though so we only walked down it)
Brad still loved playing at the beach
We were lucky that there was no fog the day we went to see the bridge!

Here is a nice city line pic from our sailing tour

And of course proof that I got some sweetness gelato for TKO