Monday, November 30, 2009

Roberts Thanksgiving 2009

We we lucky again this year to have the Roberts family fly into Milwaukee to visit us for Thanksgiving. As you can tell from the picture above we had an awesome time with them here! And the weather was fabulous for touring Milwaukee.

Here we are starving before our wonderful feast.

Dad was designated turkey carver, and boy was it some good turkey this year!

The next day we traveled around Milwaukee first stopping at Marquette campus to see the Saint Joan of Arc Chapel.

Too bad that campus was closed so the chapel was closed too, so we just took a picture outside.

Luckily though the art museum on campus was still open. I made sure that there was a new exhibit showing (cause the last one was so weird). This time they had this sweet sculpture that you could make music when you moved the rods together, that is me playing above.

We also found the Bronze Fonz (I figured Mom and Dad Roberts would have actually watch Happy Days)

And then we stealthily made it into the secret Safe House for lunch. The Safe House is a spy theme resturante with all this cool decor, here is a piece of the Berlin wall.

That night we went to the Domes (indoor gardens).

They had the show dome filled with Christmas flowers!

The next day we went hiking at Lapham peak, even though there are no more leaves on the trees the weather was nice and turned out for a nice little hike.

Last stop was at a Decorative Arts museum located in an old mansion on the lake front. I have been wanting to go here for a while so it was a nice excuse and turned out to be a pretty cool place.

They have this enormous backyard garden that leads down to the lake that we wondered around.

Here is Jenny showing off the plaza in the middle of the house.

Lastly we watched the BYU/Utah game, of course. Go Cougs! That was a close one.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Even though we live pretty close to Chicago we haven't really gone down too often, but this last weekend some friends were having a reunion in Chicago that I couldn't miss. The weather made it up to a fabulous 70 degrees (surprising since the week prior was high of 40s). Shelly made a wonderful tour guide for only having lived there now a couple months. The best part was just being able to enjoy spending time with friends that I don't get to see a lot.

Here we are outside the cultural center (I had to represent WI)
We took a stroll through Millennium Park
And of course had to take some sweet pics at the bean (my favorite part of Chicago)

When we were walking by the Art Institute they had a cooking show being filmed so we stopped to have a look and a taste. They even filmed us as we tried some Crepes of the Future, so look for us on TV some day.
This guys had his own portable crepe maker
Then we got front row seating on a Vertical Horizon concert promoting their new CD
See how close we got!
Next stop was the Zoo
We were trying to get a picture with the Cougar, but then we found out it wasn't even a cougar
This was the biggest Gorilla I have ever seen
And we tried to get a shot with the lion but he was camera shy
After some misdirections and lots of walking we found ourselves walking across this bridge (that really was closed to pedestrians), but it had a pretty sweet view.
But we did make it to our destination eventually for the night
The next day we walked the Magnificent Mile, and saw the cutest little kid drumming

We had famous Chicago Dogs for lunch (mine probably not as famous because I opted out of all the toppings)
Brad meet us on Sat night so the only pic I got of him was our pit stop at the boarder on the way home
Here is a little clip of Vertical Horizon (sorry small format makes it not too clear)