Sunday, November 28, 2010

More fun with the Parents

The second day my parents were here we took a trip north. I figured they needed to see why half of my fantasy team is from the Green Bay Packers. Going to see the stadium and learning the history behind the team turns you into a real fan. We also stopped at this little family run cheese factory and they gave us a personal tour.

Here they are measuring out cheese that they will press into blocks.

Now that is a lot of cheese curds

They even gave us little hats when we finished out tour

The Famous Lambeau Field of the Green Bay Packers

Their three Lombardi trophies is one of my favorite parts of the Hall of Fame

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Great Great Great Grandfather George Sheard

A couple weekends ago my parents were able to fly out for a visit. My Mom has been wanting to visit this cemetery just outside Burlington WI ever since she found out we had ancestry buried there. So we took a day to journey down to Burlington to see if we could find the gravestone of my Great Great Great Grandfather George Sheard. George was born in England and traveled to America, ending up in Wisconsin as a farmer. He son moved to Kansas where 3 generations later my Dad was born. With my Mom's research on what two roads the cemetery was located on and my understanding of how Wisconsinites name their roads we actually found the cemetery with little difficulty. As we walked around my Mom began to get excited as each headstone we passed had names on it she recognized from her genealogy research. We soon found many headstones with the name Sheard on it, this was actually pretty cool to me. Sheard isn't a very common name, in fact I never have met anyone outside my immediate family with the last name, so seeing so many of our relatives in one place was exciting. Dad was the one to find his Great Great Grandfather first, his headstone being carved into the shape of a tree, with a book leaning on the trunk with engravings for his wife and two kids that died at a young age. Soon after our findings an older couple drove up to the cemetery to see if we needed help, of course my Mom got to talking with him about who we were looking for and we found out he was a decedent of our grandfathers brother. He also told us to go visit another couple down the road that took care of the cemetery. So we paid an unexpected visit to the cemetery caretaker and his wife. They welcomed us in and spent an hour with us pulling out all the records and photographs that they had and sharing stories that they had learned from growing up there. They also told us that the farm that used to be in our family was right down the road, what a cool trip to be able to visit the farmland that used to be farmed by my own Great Great Great Grandfather, who knew that it was so close to where I am living now. I am so grateful to my Mom's dedication to finding our family history. It was a really neat experience to be apart of and makes me especially grateful for family today.

The Great Great Grandson and Great Great Great Granddaughter

My Mom looked at every headstone in the cemetery (luckily it was a pretty small cemetery)

This was my favorite document, showing the Sheard family coming over from Liverpool to Boston.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 Weeks

So another picture is overdue since I have been getting more and more comments about my belly size.

I also have to thank all those who have commented to me about my job, I wanted to let you know that we know know that we are at least working to the end of the year (which really relived our insurance concerns) and they are trying to place us in different departments right now (hopefully I know in the next week if I will be working in January).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

End of the Ride

So my boss said to me the other day "This job has felt like a roller coaster ride," I thought about that statement and I totally agree. From sitting in anticipation at the beginning waiting for the ride to start, to being in the middle going so fast that you don't know where you are some days and when or if you can even stop. The last couple weeks we have been going up and down and up and down and even been through a couple loops. We didn't know how much longer the ride would last, and even lost most of the riders with us. Well on Friday we got the word from the man that runs the roller coasters that the new manager of the amusement park did not want our roller coaster to continue running. So it looks like the end of the ride. This next week I will be looking around for a new ride to ride, maybe the teacups or the ferris wheel.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flight of the Umbilical Chords Second Release

The singing duo has gotten back together again and this time with commentary. This time it was for a humanities credit for Jordan's the surgery rotation. Since Brad was actually doing his rounds during the performance time at the school they got together and taped the performance and provided the entertainment for the night after we carved our pumpkins. To Brad's credit on this he only practiced it with Jordan twice before we taped it since he was busy in his pediatrics rotation and some of the lyrics came out impromptu. So sit back and enjoy the second performance of Flight of the Umbilical Chords. Also Brad asks that you click the link to YouTube and watch the video there too so that you can up their view count.