Thursday, September 30, 2010

Door County with the fam

We were lucky to have Brad's family come out and visit this last weekend. Mostly Brad told them September was going to be the only month were we may have a free weekend so if they wanted to see him to do it then. It was almost perfect timing, the leaves were starting to turn colors the temperatures had just started dropping and Brad had half of Friday plus the whole weekend off to spend with them. The only thing was the wind decided it too was invited to our little party and had to cancel the kayaking trip we had planned. Besides that though we found some nice places to visit and it was still a beautiful time of year to be out here. It was nice to be able to take a little break and spend it with the Roberts family. Plus they brought us presents and now we have our first little girl outfits and some baby blankets that were made by Brad's grandmothers (these are a real treat.)

Our first stop was the Kohler Design Center where we checked out sinks, showers, toilets, and all the other things you didn't know that Kohler makes.

When we got to our cottage the first night there was a cute little patio with a fireplace where we decided to make s'mores.

Jenny loved the water, even when it was super windy.

We did slip away into the state park and did some hiking.

Half way through the day we decided it was okay to take the ferry over to Washington Island.

We saw some lighthouses (this one from the ferry)

We stopped at a cute little Danish Bakery for lunch.

We found the white sand beach (too cold to get in though)

Brad still stopped and had a try at a sand castle.

Then we found this really cool church that was designed after the old Norwegian churches.

On the way back to Milwaukee we stopped at an orchard, apples are in season right now so we romped about the orchard and picked some delicious apples to take home with us.

Brad and Jenny found the grape vines that they use for the wines (don't try to pick the grapes and buy them separately though, apparently you aren't supposed to do that)

This seriously looked like the best Carmel Apple ever.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


We found out the gender of our baby this week. If you can't tell by the new background it is a GIRL! We are super excited, especially me because I get to start planning for her now and making cute hair (or bald head) accessories.

There she is.

Looks like she has her Halloween outfit ready.

It's confirmed.

Oh yeah and for all who requested prego pics here is a 20 weeks pic.
The angel fish already is interested in being her friend.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brock's Wedding

So I know the wedding was back in July, but this is not just me being slow at posting lately. I had to wait to get some photos from their photographer so I could actually post pictures with me in them. I used Brock's wedding a sort of a practice session for myself on taking wedding photos. I had fun following them around and taking pictures, but no pressure at all for how they turned out because I was not the real photographer. So I wanted to post some of my faves. The ones with me in them are from their real photographer which I will give credit to here.