Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sister Love

Charly is starting to love her little sister Brynn, though some days I think Brynn gets a little more love than she wants from her.  
 I was actually taking pictures of Brynn and Charly wanted to be in them too. 
 Charly got pretty upset when Brynn got to be in the stroller and she didn't, but she was consoled when she could push the stroller instead.  Now she loves to push Brynn in her stroller.
 When I was doing the girls laundry Charly kept taking away Brynn's clothes, when I finished putting Charly's clothes away I came out to find that Charly had piled all of Brynn's clothes right on top of her.
Here is Charly giving Brynn a kiss, she always has to do this before she goes to bed.  She now gives Brynn hugs too but to Brynn those seem like someone jumping on top of her while she is trying to sleep.

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Chelsea said...

They are so cute! I love your new picture on top of your blog. You look amazing!