Monday, November 12, 2012


 Here is a quick update since I haven't been such a blogger...some photos of what we have been doing the last 3 months.

Family came in when Brynn was blessed

We cheered for BYU this season

We went hiking

and climbing.

The State Fair had some new foods...Navajo Taco

Raspberry picking with our friend Cami, Charly ate more than we took home

Charly is in nursery and one day she wore these sunglasses the whole time

They make corn boxes here at the pumpkin patch, better than a sand box because they don't bring home sand in their diaper

Checking out the petroglyphs

Balloon Fiesta was sweet

A pumpkin and a ghost for Halloween

Seeing the water fouls come in at the Bosque

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Joe and Lora Leigh said...

Beautiful photos, Kjirstin. You guys always seem to be doing something fun!