Monday, November 12, 2012


 Here is a quick update since I haven't been such a blogger...some photos of what we have been doing the last 3 months.

Family came in when Brynn was blessed

We cheered for BYU this season

We went hiking

and climbing.

The State Fair had some new foods...Navajo Taco

Raspberry picking with our friend Cami, Charly ate more than we took home

Charly is in nursery and one day she wore these sunglasses the whole time

They make corn boxes here at the pumpkin patch, better than a sand box because they don't bring home sand in their diaper

Checking out the petroglyphs

Balloon Fiesta was sweet

A pumpkin and a ghost for Halloween

Seeing the water fouls come in at the Bosque

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sister Love

Charly is starting to love her little sister Brynn, though some days I think Brynn gets a little more love than she wants from her.  
 I was actually taking pictures of Brynn and Charly wanted to be in them too. 
 Charly got pretty upset when Brynn got to be in the stroller and she didn't, but she was consoled when she could push the stroller instead.  Now she loves to push Brynn in her stroller.
 When I was doing the girls laundry Charly kept taking away Brynn's clothes, when I finished putting Charly's clothes away I came out to find that Charly had piled all of Brynn's clothes right on top of her.
Here is Charly giving Brynn a kiss, she always has to do this before she goes to bed.  She now gives Brynn hugs too but to Brynn those seem like someone jumping on top of her while she is trying to sleep.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sandia Peak

We decided to take the tram up to Sandia Peak while my mom was here and Brad had a day off.  We had to show off some more of Albuquerque to my mom than the local parks (she would take Charly to a park almost everyday).  The view from the tram and the top of the mountain is gorgeous and it was only a 1/2 hour dive to get there from our house, we love the west!  The girls did great on the outing and Brad decided he wants to both hike and mountain bike this mountain (too bad his mountain bike is still siting in the basement of Chambers).  

The Tram overlooking Albququerque
Charly with Grandma
Charly taking in the view on the back side of the mountain where they have a ski resort
Brad enjoying time with both his girls
Charly loved walking up and down the stairs to the tram
Elevation 10,378 ft
Riding in the tram

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brynn in B/W

Here are a couple more photos from the first week...